• Can I track different types of conversion?
    Yes, spoteffects allows the tracking of multiple conversion types and the allocation to the TV ads.

  • Can I submit custom variables?
    Yes, it's possible to submit custom variables on visit and conversion level. Those variables can't be used for the analysis in the spoteffects frontend, but solely can be applied for usage of the raw data export.

  • Can I use spoteffects in multiple countries?
    Yes, spoteffects can be used globally.

  • Can I export the analyzed data from the tool?
    Yes, it's possible to export the results per spot directly from the fronted as well as a complete raw data export via our export functionality.

  • Which webtracking solutions are supported by spoteffects?
    spoteffects is able to process data from Webtrekk, Econda, Piwik and Adobe and offers for every customer with a different solution an own tracking without surcharge.

  • Is Google Analytics supported?
    Since Google Analytics in its free version doesn't allow to export raw data, spoteffects can't be used with you Google Analytics data.

  • Can I also track the number of TV ad triggered app downloads?
    Yes, spoteffects can both process data from the app tracking system Appsflyer and offer an own tracking code to implement into your app.

Implementation and Workflow

  • How long does the implementation of spoteffects take?
    Depending on which tracking solution you want to use for supplying spoteffects with data, the implementation time varies, but usually it only takes a few minutes of work on your side.

  • How much prior to the start of the TV campaign does the tracking code has to be implemented (in case of using it)?
    The spoteffects algorithm only needs data 20 minutes prior to a TV ad. Therefore in theory it is possible to implement the tracking code only 20 minutes prior to the first TV ad. In practice it makes sense to implement the code 1-2 weeks before the campaign starts to have enough time to validate the tracked data.

  • How long does it take after the TV campaign to see results?
    Right after you sent us your confirmed broadcast schedule, which you receive form you TV agency or the broadcasting channel, we integrate that data as fast as possible and give you immediate notice when it's done. Therefore the time from the broadcastet TV ad to the analysis of the results depends mostly on the provision of the confirmed broadcasting schedule by you TV agency.

Terms and Conditions

  • How much does the usage of spoteffects cost?
    spoteffects offers different pricing models which depend on your website traffic or TV campaign size as well as the demanded functionalities like real time airing data, raw data export, etc.

  • When does the free trial month start?
    The free trial month starts with the first day of the analysed TV advertisement. That means you can implement the tracking code ahead of the trial period and validate the data with us, if you use our tracking.

  • How long can I  access the results after the trial period ended?
    After the free trial period you can access the results in spoteffects another month.

  • What happens to my fee, if I have more visits per month on my site as before?
    If you subscribed to a traffic based pricing like spoteffects select or spoteffects flatrate, you will be assigned a price category according to your traffic volume from the trial period. If in the consequent month you are falling into another price category we are not immediately charging a different price category. But if you are clearly noticeable permament above or below your category we will assign you a new price category.

  • How long is the period of notice for spoteffects?
    The period of notice depends on the contractually agreed terms. Usually we agree on a period of notice of one month to the end of the month, but varies on agreement.